Popular Surf Beaches for Australians

With its long coastline laden with beaches, point breaks and reef, Australia is home to one the world’s premier surfing destinations. Every year, surfer enthusiasts all around the world flock to Australia for the best of Aussie waves. When booking international flights to Australia, you’ll need to consider fees for surfboard transport. Some international flights will factor in the board with allowed weight, while other international flights will charge an additional fee for surfboard accommodations. If you are looking for affordable accommodation, book a Noosa hotel online which will be on the Sunshine coast which is home to some of the best waves.

Bells Beach is the birthplace of the surf culture in Australia. Located in Victoria, the prestigious surfing event of the Rip Curl Pro still takes place every year. Over the shallow reefs, swells from the Southern Ocean form excellent surf that can reach fifteen feet or more. The sandbars at Bells aren’t prone to shifting, so the shape of the swells remains consistent. This consistent perfect surf makes Bells a popular destination among the locals.

The North Narrabeen Beach, located in Sydney, is famous for great surf breaks. A deep channel, known as shark alley, is formed from the lake leading to the sea. The resulting sand bank formed causes a classic break. The long reef connects the southerly swells and channels them over to the North Narrabeen. Because of its powerful breaks, it’s a beach best suited for the more experienced surfer.

Located on the Gold Coast, Kirra Beach offers diverse surfing conditions. Closer to the shore, the waves break easy for beginners. The more challenging waves are further out and usually crowded with surfers. Because of the great swells, ranging from four to eight feet, Kirra Beach has played host to the popular Billabong Surfing Competition.

Snapper Rocks, located at Rainbow Bay, has the longest and most consistent hallow waves in the world of surfing. With swells reaching eight feet, one good ride can transport you all the way over to Kirra Beach, which is almost two kilometers away. Local world surfing champs, Mick Fanning and Stephanie Gilmore, frequent this beach for the perfect ride.